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We finally proudly present: The Puffins!


It is not difficult to assume from the headline that this journey to the Inner Hebrids is first of all dedicated to the puffins.


First things first: This time the cute little birds did not trick us like several times before (Faraid Head or Handa Island).



Fred, der Puffin



Follows the unbeatable highlight of our journey: the tour to Lunga. Lunga is an island of the Treshnish Isles, an uninhabited group of isles belonging to the Inner Hebrides..


Once a year the puffins return from sea to breed. Lunga is one of their hatcheries. This tiny island can be approached by boat via Ulva on the short tour or from Fionnphort.

As we have rented a cottage near Bunessan, we are starting from Fionnphort, booking online..


Less than one hundred locals, one grocery, one camping ground and fishery.

Opposite Iona can be made out.

Close to the port is a wonderful beach...

...…now and then a little traffic...

... and fishing.

At last, there comes the boat to take us to the puffins on Lunga.

Of course the small boat is the one...

Some people prefer to stay in the cabin because of drizzle rain...

... but we are sure: the weather will change soon.

Lunga ahead!

Docking is somewhat special...

…but works..

The ship will wait for our return.

Time to explore this island!