This visit had been scheduled since long for who would not go into raptures at the sound of Oxford? Of course you immediately think of Inspector Lewis and also Harry Potter. Especially Inspector Lewis and his colleague Hathaway have been shooting here. So today we are going on an excursion. Via Liverpool and Birmingham we are heading south to Oxford, overnight stay included.

It is a renowned college town with famous buildings. Quite a lucky strike and an act of sense that during World War II the English and the German parties agreed not to attack or destroy Heidelberg and Göttingen in Germany and Cambridge and Oxford in Great Britain. 

Inspector Lewis

The attentive reader recognizes at once that this is one of the shooting spots of Inspector Lewis...


 One of the very many in this town: Merton College.


To become a student here at Christ Church College is not easy - and not cheap.

gestrenger Aufpasser

Neither is it easy to get in here as a visitor. Watchdogs all over the place, seeing to it that no one not concerned enters without paying 7 lb at least.

Oxford Drehorte reinschleichen

Except using a moment of the English hell hound's inattention and creeping in as someone belongig here. You'd better hide your camera at that moment.   


Many a scene for the Inspector Lewis crimes was shot here.


More than once, students in their traditional attire cross our path. Students with a white carnation at their lapel still have to be graduated, those with a pink one are close to their exams.   


Naturally the townscape holds a mass of parked bikes - as all the smaller college towns do.

Wen juckts?

Prohibitions are not much regarded...

Lewis Heatherway

This way they must come: Inspector Lewis and DS Hathaway.


This spot was frequently seen in the Lewis movies.

Inspektor Lewis Oxford Drehort

By the by, it needs some patience until this Lewis-spot is deserted for a moment.  

Inspector Lewis Oxford Drehort

Unfortunately Inspector Lewis is not strolling along today... 

Oxford Studium

Note: To study for a bachelor degree in this town, you need to pay about 12,500 Euro per year. 

Lewis Oxford Drehort

Discussion groups during college time are based on self-projection. Arguments are not in demand. As many English politicians descended from here, you hardly can wonder that matters on the island are working like they are working just now since the Brexit.  

Harry Potter Oxford Drehort

Even if you succeed to enter one of these buildings, you sooner or later will meet this obstructing 'No entrance' sign. Hint: Turn the sign round and walk on. You want to see something after all.

Harry Potter Oxford Drehorte

In case you intend to enter all the buildings legally, take along some cash to pay the sometimes horrific fees. A little above 100 lb should do. 

Inspektor Lewis Stelle Film

Remember? This spot has been shown several times in one of the Inspector Lewis crimes.

Oxford Drehort Potter Lewis

Close to Oriel College...

Inspektor Lewis Botanischer Garten Drehort Oxford

Also here in the botanical garden several Lewis-shots have been taken.  

Inspektor Lewis Drehort Corner Heatherway

And again: No Lewis and Hathaway coming along... Pity!

Harry Potter Brücke Drehort Oxford

The 'Bridge of Sighs' is a copy of the one in Venice, built in 1914 and connecting the buildings of Herford College. Parts of one of the Harry Potter movies have been shot here. 

Harry Potter Drehort

Also here at Herford College shots took place. 

Harry Potter Oxford Bibliothek

Other Harry Potter parts have been taken at Queens College.

Spannende Ecke

Many fascinating corners...


There are flats for students in all colleges. Makes sense because affordable apartments in this college town are ususally rented to tourists. 


 Famous river beginning in a small way: The River Thames.