Naturally the question comes up: Which map is most applicable for Scotland? 

Lets for the moment forget the GPS-navigation in the car and think about maps as such and map servives.

We tried almost all of them and there is a definite winner: The Print Maps of Ordnance Survey are unbeatable.

Sure, there are lots of offline-maps in the Web but honestly: ever tried to navigate on any mobile in bright daylight? Moreover you can find roads, rivers, hotels etc. but stone circles and hidden beaches remain undiscovered.

If you can't help it, download ''. These maps are rather up to date and do have a GPS-feature. They may be downloaded for offline mode as well. Unfortunately you do not get them for notebooks but for androids only.

There is of course Google Maps. Not very up to date however, the only hospital on the Isle of Mull for instance is not marked. The online service of '' shows it in an aerial view at least. 

Furthermore there is - but this service is no longer available for Window 10 users. These may grapple with 'Map-Service' ('Karten-Dienst') wich is pre-installed on Windows. 'karten' is no real fun.

An insider tip is This is a British service for street maps. A little out of date in parts but there are ordnance maps with lots of details for hikers.

If you have a good printer at home, print via the direct vicinity of your designation in Scotland or look for a map of 'Ordnance Survey'. All else is nothing but a bonny plaything.


Finally a comparison of maps: Being on the lookout for a parking lot close to the 'Old Military Roads' between Shiel Bridge and Invermoriston, you can see who's got the better maps:


          Google Maps