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Iona – the holy island of the Scots


Iona is an island of the Inner Hebrides in Scotland. The biggest islands of the Inner Hebrides are Skye and Mull. Iona is one of the smaller ones. For centuries Iona represented the spiritual centre of Scotland, so we were most expectant what would await us there.

We chose the rather short tour from Fionnphort, which by the way is pronounced Finnpho'.

Years ago already we had followed the traces of Calum Cille, also called St. Columba, up to Loch Shiel. That has been on the burial island Eilean Fhionnain.

This time the journey was to be much easier so that we took the ferry from  Fhionnphort on Mull to Iona.

To avoid the hords of tourists, we travelled on a Sunday morning with the best of weathers.

We took the route along the coast, passing neat gardens and looking out to Mull...

past St. Columba's Chapel.

Less than one kilometre and we reach Iona Abbey.