Independence - Scotland against Brexit


Weekend trip to Edinburgh. We rented a flat in Morrison Street. The great idea of our weekend trip was to purchase a genuine sword at the 'Tartan Weaving Mill' at the Royal Mile.

Wonderful weather for a sword purchase. Passing the castle...

Soon we found what we were looking for.

On our way back we wanted to see Mary King's Close but the next tour was only to start in 2 3/4 hours.

We had already wondered at the lots of police and several cordons - and then on our way along the castle we met thousands of people with Scottish flags. 

The crowd increased all the time. A fantastic event!

They are the true Europeans, the Scotsmen!

Coming in from all sides...  

A few kilometres further followed motorbikes with the Scottish flag and behind them a car parade. On and on it went until deep into the night.

It looked like half of Scotland being in the roads. Will this mighty protest help to reverse the preposterous Brexit decision - for Scotland at least?