Handa Island is located in the north-western part of Scotland. There is a huge sanctuary of seabirds. However, you only get there with a motor boat from Tarbet.



It is a pleasant drive from Scourie...

 ...to the port of Tarbet... 

 ...where we buy a ticket for the boat passage to the island.

The passage takes only a few minutes.


A quick visit to the bird bunk where a donation should be left...


...and over a plank roadway we reach the bird sanctuary where we once more hope for puffins.

On our way we are watched with suspicion.


We feel a little queasy - there are no safety fences anywhere.


Puffins, skuas, kittiwakes, fulmars, and oystercatchers are the residents here.




Lazyness and sunbathing is the order of the day...


and the Puffins? Unaccessible again.

Even the telephoto does not help much - not ours at least.

Beside some rabbits, lizards, and midgets nothing but birds can be seen.

Passing swarms of midgets, we return to the boat taking us back to Tarbet.