Eilean Fhianain



Calum Cille, holy St. Columba, plays a leading role in scottish history,

Eilean Fhianain is located in the middle of Loch Shiel. Once St. Columba visited this celtic funeral island.


The first attemp to reach this Island was done by walking.

Passing Dalelia, we turn to the Pier. Unfortunately nobody is to be seen, no chance to get a boat here.

Dalelia Old Manse

Nevertheless we are walking through almost impassable arrays.

Lots of ruins we pass.


Finally at least we can see her: Eilean Fhianain, also called St. Finnan's Island or Green Isle.

Wind and water seem to be too strong for swimming that days.

Eilean Fhionnain

Celtic Crosses

Celtic Crosses, but there is no boat to go there.

Deeply disappointed we turn around, however, we do not now at this moment that we will are more lucky within the coming days..


Mr. Peake, a neightbour who is working in touristic of www.ardnamurchan.com rings me up in the evening, offering to give us a lift to the Island.

A few days ago I talked to him about Eilean Fhianain, indicating my strong wish to go there.

Of course we are interested! The next day we meet him at the Pier in Acharacle with his boat.

Nick Peake

DIE  Insel

It takes more than an hour to reach the island.

Loch Shiel is quite difficult to go since there are lots of shallows.


These are the crosses which could be seen from the pier a few days ago.

Eilean Fhionnain

Celtic Crosses

This one is hardly to be discovered as being a cross.

Damaged by wind and weather.

Celtic Cross

St. Columba was here

The top of the broken cross lays to the right side in the gras.

This is the biggest celtic cross of the island.

The local church is responsible for this funeral-island.



Every now and then its hard to find out what this really is....


At the 'top' of the island: St. Finan's Chapel

St. Finan's Chapel

St. Finan's Chapel close

The Altar of the Chapel. The bell is fixed with a chain.


Raising pridely into the Scottish sky...

Big Cross


Old Roundcross

A flagstone, hardly to discover.,,

...the words cannot be read anymore.


This chapel in fact is much older than the cross inside.


Large Grave

These old grave limitings have been restored recently.


However, the inscripition is unreadable...

Old Groundcross

Large Cross

This, I believe, is the most fascinating island of the world.


Hardly to be discovered as an old tomb..

Very Old Cross

Das wars

After an hour or so Mr. Peake returns with the boat. However, I don't like to leave this fantastic Island so soon!

We watch the island disappearing after a bend a few minutes later.