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Ardnamurchan I
- The most westerly mainland Point of Scotland -

Ardna-what? When the plannings for a trip to Ardnamurchan were at the beginning, it was quite difficult to get information about this peninsula. Special thanks to Brenda from However, here is a map showing where Ardnamurchan is.


Ardnamurchan peninsula, the most westerly point on the British mainland. The winding A861 runs west from Strontian along the north shore of Loch Sunart to Salen, where the single-track B8007 branches west and runs all the way out to the tip of the peninsula. The A861 turns north to Acharacle. Kilchoan is the main settlement on Ardnamurchan. Yes, a traffic-light is there, too. It can be found close to the lighthouse. Sofar in brief, but it is much more....

On our way from the North we pass Thurso and follow the A9 along the eastern coast of Scotland. At Helmdale we slow down due to road-works. It seems like the journey would never end. We have estimated five hours to reach Ardnamurchan, however we stop for a break near Loch Ness.


There are so many buses with Japanese tourists that there is no chance to make a stop at Drumnadrochit. However, we have already been there twice and there is no need for another visit....

Via Fort Augustus and Fort William we reach the Corran Ferries. We drive straight onto the ferry which costs PDS 5,20 for all of us including the car. We see the lighthouse near the Ardgour Hotel and a lonely ride begins. The rain is getting more heavy but that does not matter at all, because the landscape looks mystic this way.


After passing Salen we know that we cannot miss our destination since this long and winding road is all we can follow. The mountains disappear in the fog while we feel like driving helter skelter. At least the kids like this kind of journey while the driver has to watch carefully for approaching traffice.

After Glenborrodale Loch Sunart appears to our left and the turbulent drive goes on. S-bends decorated with an eternal up and down, again and again the typical sound of driving over caddle-grids. Somewhere now the extint vulcan Ben Hiant should be seen, but wafts of mist do not allow any view.


Short way through the forrest and we first reach Branault, then Kilmory, and finally Air-An-Oir, which means “On the Edge”. The owner, Miss Adam, was not able to wait for us, but the key is in an envelope. We are happy: the most beautiful and cosiest cottage we ever visited.

Everything is neat, nothing is missing. The landscape is simply grand, we have wonderful view to the Bay Port an Eilean Mhoir.


Miss Adam rings up to give a few hints. At the piano in the living room we discover a video: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. What a lovely way to finish the day.

Breakfasts are to follow with beautiful views to the bay. Far away we can see the Isle of Muck, Rum, Eigg, and Skye, somewhere to the right would be Arisaig. Fascinating to see all the lights and lighthouses during the nights.


It is low tide and we are visiting an interesting small lava island. With wet feet we start our way home, passing grazing horses, and take a look at Swordle Bay Ho.

Two kind ladies are showing us the library: a whole wall full of books in German language! They belong to the previous owner, a certain Mr. Hammel.