The first narratives developed from bedtime stories for the kids. Not to lose the red thread in all the mingle-mangle, I started to write the first books. All these stories can be found on

Came the day when I wished to go to Scotland once more, the country where I had such a lot of adventures. However, my family did not want me to go alone and so I began to prepare the kids for Scotland. The hamsters, Lord McShredder, Finnegan McDudle and many others now walked Scotland virtually and visited all the places we soon were to see ourselves.

 We indeed visited all spots mentioned in the books. Except of course the distant planets of Book No. 4 (Up and Away), which is a cooperation work with my proofreader and translater, Gabe H. 

 And yes, the Hamsters of course do have their own website:


Hamster in Scotland